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Our services

​We offer a complete interior design service.

We take care of each of our projects from start to finish, to support you at every stage of the process.

Step 1: Analysis

Meeting and data collection

​This meeting is very important to get to know you and ensure that we collect the necessary information to get your project off to a good start. We will be able to guide you in order to avoid mistakes along the way, and support you in planning the project from the start of the process.

This step includes :

  • Take measurements of existing spaces.

  • Taking photos of the location.

  • Discussion and data collection on needs, expectations and budget.

Step 1: Analysis
Step 2: Layout study

Step 2: Layout

Space layout study

​Following detailed measurement of the premises, our team can begin studying your space, in order to design a layout that corresponds to both your needs and our signature.

This step includes:

  • Planning and study of the layout of the different areas in plan.

  • Study of ergonomics and circulation.

  • Suggestions for ideal furniture dimensions

Step 3: Design concept

3D modeling

​When the layout plan is confirmed, the next step is to visualize the space in 3D, in order to begin the design process.

This step includes :

  • Conceptualization of space in 3D

  • Development of cabinetry elements (custom furniture)

Step 3: 3D design concept
Step 4: materials and finishing

Step 4: Materials & finishing

Choice of materials & finishes

​Once the design stage has begun, we can go into more detail into the project through the selection of materials, plumbing elements and finishes.

This step includes :

  • Delivery of a moodboard, which includes the choice of materials, plumbing and sanitary elements, lighting fixtures and color choices.

  • Development of the design budget

Step 5: Execution

Technical drawing book

To properly plan the construction stage of the project, we can produce a complete technical drawing book. The plans ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the clients' vision, expectations and budget.

This plan book includes:

  • Layout plan

  • Demolition plan

  • Construction plan

  • Lighting plan / ceiling

  • Electricity plan

  • Plumbing plan

  • Finishing plan

  • Cabinetmaking plan and elevations

  • Specifications and quotes

Step 5: technical plans
Step 6: Site monitoring

Step 6: Construction site

Site management

Site visits are essential so that the plans and the concept developed are respected during the construction stage. Our presence and involvement at this stage also allows us to resolve unforeseen circumstances and guide you during important decisions.

This step includes:

  • Verification of conformity between plans and locations, following demolition and adjustment to the plan when necessary.

  • Ensuring good communication between the different trades

  • Coordination and validation of all material choices with contractors.

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