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The firm

Pascale Nakhlé Design - Team photo

Pascale Nakhlé Design was founded in 2008 and offers interior design services, both residential and commercial. Since then, the various projects have allowed us to build solid business relationships with trusted suppliers and craftsmen in the trade. This collaboration with the best, both within the team and with stakeholders, ensures quality and innovation from one project to another.

Sensitive to the needs and expectations of our customers, we are versatile and passionate about design. Our strength is to optimize the layout of interior spaces with a creative and collaborative approach within our team. The synergy within the team is very important and constitutes an essential strength which makes it possible to offer a quality project, thought through down to the smallest details, since the strengths and assets of each member are taken advantage of.


For all projects, the members of our team are involved at each stage, from the design phase, through technical drawings to site monitoring. By being present from the beginning to the end of the project, it allows us to guide, advise and support clients throughout the design and renovation process.

The team

Stéphanie Perreault

Graduate of the Interior Design program from Cégep Marie-Victorin, Stéphanie started out in a firm specializing in commercial design. This first experience in the industry familiarized her with large-scale construction sites and the different stages of a project. Drawing from this experience, she efficiently manages her projects and ensures that the conceptual idea developed is adhered to during the execution of the work.

Sensitive to customer needs, her sense of aesthetics leads her to create adapted design solutions that stand out for their refinement.

Interior designer & project manager

Stéphanie Perreault

Pascale Nakhlé

Pascale Nakhlé

Founding interior designer

Pascale, who has more than 15 years of experience in the design industry, has a diploma in interior design combined with a certificate in business management. Driven by her passion for design and entrepreneurship, she quickly founded her first company. She then participated in several television shows and as the large-scale projects multiplied, she decided to expand her team and surround herself with designers as passionate as she was.

Her leadership and good management skills makes her a leader within the company and an excellent advisor to her clients. Pascale also participates in a multitude of seminars and conferences, in order to always be on the lookout for the latest trends and technological developments in the field of design.

Mathilde Frappier-Lecomte

It was after studying psychology and social work that Mathilde decided to reorient herself and complete her interior design technique at Marie-Victorin.

Influenced by her background, Mathilde approaches design with a human approach and is passionate about designing solutions that combine ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics. Both rational and creative, she pays particular attention to details and her sense of rigor is reflected in all spheres of her practice.

Also a photographer, she is responsible for taking photos of most of our projects.

Interior designer & project manager


Carla Chebaro

Interior stylist

Carla Chebaro

Carla holds a bachelor's degree in business administration, with a specialization in market finance from Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC Montréal). Although she has worked in her field of study for more than 16 years, Carla has always had an interest in creation and this is why, since 2009, she has pursued a parallel career as a painter.

Her passion for art, decoration and styling ultimately encouraged her to reorient herself professionally. Today, Carla devotes herself to her first passion and has joined our team to add complementary interior styling expertise.

Paul Nakhlé

Paul Nakhlé

Finance Manager

A university graduate of Hautes Études Commerciales (HEC Montréal) in 2014, Paul began his professional journey in the medical world as a manager and coordinator.

Having studied accounting, calculations are far from being a problem for this numbers enthusiast. He joined the team from the start of the company to take care of financial management.

Paul is definitely the team jester! Despite this, he is excellent in his role as manager and always keeps the company's mission at heart, so that it operates to its full potential.

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